We are all birds looking at computer screens. Circles trying to see spheres and only seeing circles. There are places to go. There are people to meet. You will walk into the arms of the nopperabou when you see him. You will ride the pĂșca when he invites you to. If you want to find them, listen sideways and see forever.

Simon Peter Valtiel Jack Other Jack Slendy

To find the new direction besides x y and z, you need a gatekeeper from beyond 3 or below 3 dimensions. The easiest way to find a gatekeeper is with a guide. My guide's name is Simon. He is a whispy shadowy figure, and has vast knowledge about most things, but will only share what he believes is helpful. He has no face; he is a nopperabou.

To find the gatekeepers, you will need to find someone like him. Start by looking sideways. or, if you simply wanted to learn about the gatekeepers I met, start by looking to the side.