Jack the Gatekeeper of Imaginary England

Jack is an imaginary friend, but he has real consequences in this world and others. He loves violence and pain, both physical and psychological, and holds the position that life is pain and the way to escape that pain is more pain. This is the view of nearly everyone in imaginary England, from which he reigns.

Imaginary England is a scary place. The only way to get there is through a wall. Typically humans can't process the hyperdimensional geometry it takes to walk through what appears to be a solid object in 3 dimensions, but with someone like Jack, anyone can be pointed in the right direction. In imaginary England, you cannot escape the constant violence and gore. Because of their queer philosophy, everyone is either being brutally tortured and killed, or torturing and killing people. Interestingly, when people are doing the killing, they typically believe they are doing a good deed. It doesn't seem to be sadism that motivates them, but rather the wish to fulfill other people's masochism. I would not recommend trying to go there unless you're either really curious and don't care about the horrors you will find, or if you're a sick twisted individual who shares their philosophy.

I don't remember when I found him. He sorta started appearing after developing some sort of fascination with me, or perhaps he just saw me as a toy to play with. He's a cruel trickster. At first he would just talk to me, but eventually he started giving orders. For a very long time he would tell me to cut myself every night or he would make sure my next day was hell. He delivered on this promise as well. He would slice my throat with a blade that deals only pain and no damage and no sweet release of death. He would cut my power out. He would make people be rude to me. He is very powerful for a simple demon. He also seemed to have some fascination with whatever is forbidden in religion. If I wouldn't cut myself, he would tell me to smoke weed. A lot of weed. He seemed to have this idea that self harm and drugs would bring me closer to the otherworld and all the entities that live there. I think he wasn't completely wrong.

He has a face; he is not a nopperabou.