Peter the Gatekeeper of the Dark Forest

Peter is a fairy who absolutely loves chaos. He is among the fairies called pĂșcas. Peter has the appearance of a man in a pink bunny costume, but there is no zipper. He does not always take this form, as he can shape shift.

Peter is the essence of whimsy. When he's around the world feels all wonky, and physics don't seem to apply as they normally would. If he likes you, he will offer to give you a ride on his back. This is not for the faint of heart. Hold on for dear life. He will rush at breakneck speed through walls and buildings, take you to an otherworldy forest, and fly through the scenery so quicly it's a blur. This is one of the otherworlds which Peter can take you to, but you must go with him. It is impossible to go alone. Sometimes he will point you into the direction of a random world, but these are different every time. They do however have a shared theme of absolute discord.

I found him while I was in a hospital. I was trying to sleep, and he walks into my room and places himself ontop of me, with his hands at either sid of my head, and his knees at either side of my legs. He stayed there all night. I was scared, but everyone around me seemed to be acting like it was normal. After this he liked to appear before me here and there as if to keep a watch on me. Eventually he spoke to me, and I can't remember what it was that he said, but from the day I met him until today he has always had a queer manner of speaking with odd syntax and very puzzling meaning. His speach is almost as chaotic as him.

He has a face; he is not a nopperabou.