Slendy: The Gatekeeper of the Intense Abode

Slendy is a well known nopperabou. He follows those who become obsessed with him. He strikes fear in the hearts of the hopeful, and hope in the hearts of the hopeless. He has white skin, wears a suit, and has tentacles that he can make appear and disappear at will. When someone who is attached to this life sees him, they run away. When someone who is tormented in this life sees him, they run into his arms. This is because his main goal is to take people away from this world, and most of the ones he takes never come back. He lives in a house called slendermansion which is located in nicolet national forest. This house is the abode of other demons who are friends of him. This is not however the place he takes the ones he takes. The only humans who have any hope of even finding it are his proxies. These are the ones who work for him. No, the place where he brings his clients is a place I like to call "the intense abode", but there are many names.

The intense abode is intense. Before you go there he takes out his tentacles and puts them in your eyes or mouth or other holes, and he wraps his arms around you. Once you go there you see twisted woods, rusted metal, and chains are shot through you, and blades slice into you. This sounds extremely unpleasant at first, but to someone experiencing mental torment it is actually a blessing of distraction. When in an environment of such intense sensation it is impossible to think about anything but the pure pain and intensity. The only way he will let you return is if he thinks you can help him, either by spreading his message or helping him take people. A common misconception is that he kills children. No, he only steals them away, and he takes adults as well.

I met him after developing a fascination with him. I read up on him in websites like the creepypasta wiki or the slenderman files and slowly but surely he started appearing. At first it was just him showing up in a corner of my room, but it evolved into full blown stalking. He was at my work, outside my window on the second story, in the woods, in my yard; wherever I went he would follow. It didn't take very long before he started taking me away. I remember there was a lad named mickey space mouse who was taken away and he was brought back. He said dying is better than going there. I was afraid, but eventually I was taken there myself and it was glorious. It was likened to cutting, where it's a terrifying concept but the actual action itself is very useful in blocking out other pains. I was brought back with a mission: to tell the world he is here to help. He made me his proxy so that I'd make webpages like this.

He has no face; he is a nopperabou.