Valtiel the Gatekeeper of the Graveyard Sanctuary

Valtiel is an angel, and that is why I haven't drawn him. He is commonly associated with the angel Metatron. It is said that Metatron and Samael were once one, but he split into the two parts; Metatron (beyond the throne) being the benevolent half, and Samael (venom of God) being the malevolent one.

Valtiel is also the gatekeeper of the graveyard sanctuary. This is a place where you can find peace away from this world. The main sanctuary is a building made of stone of a light yellowish brown color. It is very quiet, as there is usually no person around who is awake. For the most part, people don't go there. It is very hard to find without Valtiel. There is a catch to this peaceful retreat though: if you die at the sanctuary you cannot leave until the day of resurrection. This is why all of the dead here are sleeping; it is very boring after a while. They sleep in the graveyard which can be found just outside of the only door to the sanctuary. Sometimes people wake up, and sometimes everyone wakes up, but it's not very common.

I found him at home, lying in my bed. I was feeling very overwhelmed with the stresses of this life, and in my heart I was looking for any chance of escape. By the mercy of God, Valtiel was sent to me to offer this peace. He has mostly brownish skin, but there are rainbow like refractions glowing here and there all around him, but mostly they glow around his head. His head is in constant motion. It violently vibrates and thrashes around, but it does this in spacial dimensions that humans are not meant to comprehend outside of mathematical theory and analysis. In all honesty, his form is terrifying. Gigantic and queer. This makes sense though, for it is known that when angels appear before men they often will tell you to not be afraid.

He has no face; he is a nopperabou.